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Hunter Engineering is your reliable partner for any concerns related to your Wheel Service Equipment. Your needs are very important to us, so we always gear our work toward your wishes and requirements.We will answer all your questions in detail and will make time for you. We are always on the cutting edge and are able to offer you excellent services that are within your price range. Our many years of experience and our expert know-how have shown us that quality and working together as partners are inseparably linked. That’s what we are geared toward!

550190Frank Pitkat
Sales Representative
Mobile: (904) 476-7814
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Service Technical and Training Representatives

Hunter’s Technical and Training Representatives are carefully selected through rigorous testing and interview procedures. Industry experience is critical. Once selected, each candidate attends seven weeks of specialized training at Hunter’s Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. This training, taught by Hunter’s full-time, ASE-certified training staff, covers Hunter installation and repair procedures, as well as technical instruction in areas of alignment, wheel balancing, tire changing, and brake rotor and drum machining. During training, each candidate is tested regularly and graded.

018820Chris Achatz
Service Representative
Mobile: (904) 669-7384
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663400Robert Perrott
Service Representative
Mobile: (904) 708-1646
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