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Car Batteries of Today…

Today’s vehicles demand more of the battery when the engine isn’t running: on-board computers stay awake, lights function on timers and electric fans run to cool the engines.

Prior to these high demands on the car battery of modern vehicles , older vehicles gave warning signs that a battery was dying. Engine cranking would slow, and lights would appear dimmer than usual.

Modern vehicles no longer give off these types of warnings when a car battery is dying. Before engine start-up, on-board computers assess the battery’s voltage, and will not even try to power the vehicle if it is below a certain level.

Hunter’s battery health test uses conductance testing to determine the overall health of a battery. This could save your customers from a dead battery without warning!

Hunter receives MOTOR Magazine’s Top 20 Tools Award for Quick Check™ alignment audit system

pr_motorMOTOR Magazine awarded Hunter’s Quick Check alignment audit system with a 2012 Top 20 Tools Award at the APPEX show in Las Vegas. This marks Hunter’s fifteenth Top 20 award.

The fastest alignment audit system in the industry, Hunter’s Quick Check captures toe and camber measurements and produces printed results in just 58 seconds. Service writers can then use the color-coded printout to alert customers of misalignment issues and generate more repair orders for alignment service.

MOTOR magazine’s Top 20 Tools Awards are awarded each year to the most innovative products that help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles correctly the first time.

Accepting the award were Hunter Vice President of Marketing Beau Brauer and Hunter Vice President of Research and Development Tim Strege.

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Tech Tip – Proper Tread Depth – Monday, September 23, 2013
tread-depth-gaugeProper tread depth is essential as the grooves in a tire push out debris, rain and snow to ensure that tires make contact with the road.

As tread depth decreases, so does a tire’s performance, increasing the wet weather stopping distance and potential for accidents. Manual tread depth gauges are the most traditional method of measuring tread depth, but require interpretation to read and manually record results.

Using Hunter’s digital tread depth gauge with a spring-loaded plunger reduces human error, and allows the technician to quickly record readings at up to three points per tire.

Measuring tread depth at three points per tire facilitates thorough diagnostics of premature tread wear, which can reveal alignment issues.

Toe misalignment has the greatest affect on tread wear, generally causing feathering of the tire. Feathering wear of the tire is wear from one side of the tread to the other. Camber misalignment causes excessive wear on the inner or outer edges of the tire. Schedule a demo

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Quick-alignment tool bolsters profits

A service technician typically needs 20 minutes or more to hoist a car and install laser devices to check wheel alignment. Since Jan. 17, Nurse Chevrolet-Cadillac in Whitby, Ontario, has been using a device that requires no hoist and does the job in 90 seconds.

The device, widely used at Sears auto shops and now available to U.S. auto dealers, is so quick that Nurse’s service techs check for free every vehicle that drives into their three-lane service line. It has helped the suburban Toronto dealership increase alignment revenue dramatically.

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