Hunter’s Quick Check inspection system performs a comprehensive vehicle inspection in under three minutes. Valuable information about a vehicle’s alignment, brake performance, battery health, emissions, and tire health can be handed to vehicle owners as they wait. Quick Check allows shops to carefully examine every car that comes to the service lane, increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

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Quick Check References
Company Configuration Location State
Lexus of Jacksonville Drive-thru (1) Jacksonville FL.
Arlington Toyota Drive-under (2) Jacksonville FL.
Ron Anderson Chevrolet Drive-thru (1) Yulee FL.
Brunswick Toyota Drive-thru (2) Brunswick GA.
Robbie Roberson Ford Drive-thru (1) Waycross GA.
Walker Jones Chevrolet Drive-under (1) Waycross GA.
Bennett Chevrolet Drive-under (1) Kingsland GA.
Bennett Chrysler Drive-under (1) Kingsland GA.
Jacksonville Chrysler Drive-under (1) Jacksonville Fl.
Paul Clark Ford Drive-thru (1) Yulee FL.
Mike Burch Ford Drive-thru (1) Blackshear GA.

Revolution™ Tire Changer

This tire changer machine is truly one-of-a-kind. The Revolution™ automatic tire changer is the easiest tire changer to use in the industry, and recognized as the 2015 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards, as well as a PTEN Innovation Award and PTEN Innovation Award’s People’ Choice Award all in 2014. 

This tire changer machine is fully automatic, featuring a space saving wheel lift, “Go” Pedal and Powered Press Arms. Did we mention this tire changer tool is fully automatic? 

Step up to the Revolution™ automatic tire changer, and add the convenience and superiority of Hunter Engineering products to your shop.

Revolution Tire Changer References
Company Configuration Location State
Fields Jaguar Revolution Tire Changer Jacksonville FL.
George Moore Chevy Revolution Tire Changer Jacksonville FL.
Claude Nolan Cadillac Revolution Tire Changer Jacksonville FL.
Kings Bay Truck Accessories Revolution Tire Changer Jacksonville FL.
Bill Duckworth Tire Revolution Tire Changer Brunswick GA.
Hyundai of Brunswick Revolution Tire Changer Brunswick GA.
Coggin Honda Revolution Tire Changer Jacksonville FL.

The Road Force Balancer not only balances tires and wheels fast, but also helps solve ride complaints we would not find without it. The SmartWeight technology in the Road Force Balancer has saved approximately 1/3 the cost of wheel weights. Learn More…

Road Force Touch References
Company Location
Firestone Store #004375 Jacksonville-FL
Southeast Toyota Jacksonville-FL
Tires Plus #629944 Jacksonville-FL
Coggin Honda Jacksonville-FL
Duval Acura Jacksonville-FL
RimTyme Jacksonville-FL
Southside Kia Jacksonville-FL
Tires Plus #242219 Jacksonville-FL
Tires Plus #121770 Jacksonville-FL
Rick Keffer Dodge Chrysler Yulee-FL
Bill Duckworth Tire Brunswick-GA
Bill Duckworth Tire Brunswick-GA
Dan Vaden Chevrolet Brunswick-GA
J & J Tire Brunswick-GA
Tom Bush VW-Mazda Jacksonville-FL

The Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite Alignment System features new and patented QuickGrip adapters and 3D targets to accelerate service with setup times in seconds instead of minutes. Spring-loaded clamping arms adjust easily to various wheel sizes, and a simple thumb lever locks the clamp in place. The system’s patented clamping arms grip the tire tread instead of the rim edge, removing the worry of damaging expensive rims from metal-to-metal contact. Digital imaging sensors include four high-resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings on-screen.

HawkEye Elite References
Company City St
AutoPros Kingsland GA
Bill Duckworth Tire Co Brunswick GA
Big Chief Tire Jacksonville FL
Big Chief Tire Jacksonville FL
Big Chief Tire Jacksonville FL
Carmax #7148 Jacksonville FL
Coggin Honda Jacksonville FL
Discount Tire & Welding Alma GA
Duval Acura Jacksonville FL
Florida State College at Jacksonville Jacksonville FL
Goodyear Jacksonville FL
Jacksonville Chrysler Dod Jeep Jacksonville FL
Key Hyundai Buick/Hyundai Jacksonville FL
Lexus of Jacksonville Jacksonville FL
Miller Tire Co Waycross GA
Pep Boys #1642 Jacksonville Beach FL
Richard's Automotive Jacksonville FL
Rick Keffer Dodge Chrysler Yulee FL
RPM Automotive Jacksonville FL
Sears Auto Center #6256 Brunswick GA
Sears Auto Center #6358 Jacksonville FL
Sonya's Tire & Automotive Ctr Fernandina Beach FL
Southern Star Saint Simons Island GA
Sun Tire Jacksonville FL
Technical Dimensions Jacksonville FL
Tire Plus #354080 Jacksonville FL
TireMart St. Mary's GA
True Value Blackshear GA
Maxi Muffler Jacksonville FL
Coggin Honda Jacksonville FL
King Muffler Waycross GA