Wheel Balancers


Road Force® Elite

The Road Force® Elite wheel balancer delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a Road Force® and balance faster than a traditional wheel balance. The Road Force® Elite solves wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers can’t fix. This machine detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper bead seat of tire to rim.


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Direct Fit Collet

For accurate balancing, the hub bore of a wheel must be properly ccolletentered on the balancer shaft. On many modern wheel designs, traditional cones can center poorly due to their high-taper design and can fit improperly within the hub bore by bottoming out.

Hunter’s Direct-Fit Collets feature a shorter, low-taper design that fits precisely into the hub bore only. This design promotes accurate centering while protecting against damage to certain designs like plastic clad wheels.

Road Force Touch® diagnostic balancer approved by BMW and Mercedes-Benz

bmw_mbHunter’s Road Force Touch® diagnostic wheel balancer is now approved equipment for BMW and Mercedes-Benz dealers. The Road Force Touch is the world’s leading diagnostic wheel balancer, providing exceptional balancing results and performing a Road Force® diagnostic test faster than a traditional wheel balancer performs a typical balance. Road Force Touch® is Hunter’s fourth generation design since the platform was introduced in 1997.

Road Force Touch machines for BMW and Mercedes-Benz ship from Hunter embedded with each OE’s specific settings. Hunter Engineering Product Manager Greg Meyer added, “Many OEs take a strong interest in Hunter’s Road Force balancers because they identify ride disturbances before they become a customer concern. As suspension designs evolve, OEs want diagnostic balancers that most closely replicate the equipment used in their production facilities.”

Mercedes-Benz has endorsed Hunter’s Road Force technology since 2001. BMW has endorsed Hunter’s Road Force technology since 2003 and made it an essential tool in the US market since 2005. Both OEs offer Hunter’s Road Force technology to their worldwide dealers through Hunter Engineering’s sales and service partners around the world.

Hunter’s new Road Force Touch balancer provides superior wheel service with record efficiency

road_force_touch_lgBuilt on Hunter’s GSP9700 legacy, the Road Force Touch® produces exceptional balancing results and performs a Road Force® diagnostic test faster than a traditional wheel balancer performs a typical balance.

During the balancing process, the Road Force Touch automatically applies Hunter’s patented load roller against the wheel and tire assembly to simulate how a wheel performs under the weight of a vehicle to find hidden causes of vibration and vehicle pull. The automated Road Force test enhances the quality of service and opens the door to more revenue-generating opportunities without adding valuable service time.

The Road Force Touch also features a new intuitive touchscreen interface that simplifies operation and shortens the learning curve for new technicians. Technicians can activate any balancing function from one screen by touching the appropriate button or icon, saving time over scrolling through a grid of menu buttons. Live 3D graphics and animations display real-time wheel conditions and illustrate easy-to-understand instructions to resolve vibration and pull problems.

New software tools include eCal™ auto-calibration, on-demand videos, and a powerful enhancement to StraightTrak® lateral force measurement:

  • Patent-pending eCal electronically and automatically calibrates the balancer without any input from the operator, making the Road Force Touch the only true “self-calibrating” balancer.
  • On-demand videos provide convenient training on a variety of balancing and tire changing topics to enhance operator skills.
  • Patented StraightTrak, which measures pull forces in tires and recommends wheel placement to cancel vehicle drift, now measures pulls on individual tires.

Other improvements include a stronger, wear-resistant balancer shaft for long-lasting service, an Auto-Up Hood that saves time by automatically lifting the hood for the operator, and a standard 10-piece mounting collet set with storage to optimize wheel centering.

Hunter Engineering is the leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world.

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At Hunter’s 2012 National Sales meeting, Hunter Engineering unveiled the NEW Hunter Road Force Touch wheel balancer. I have to say, it is a really impressive piece of equipment.

A few of the differences between the Generation 3 and the New Generation 4 Road Force Touch wheel balancers are:

  • *NEW Perform a Road Force test and balance as fast as a traditional balancer.
  • *NEW Touch Screen Interface.
  • *NEW Ecal – Self calibrating.
  • Diagnostic Load Roller.
  • *NEW Auto-up Hood.
  • Centering Check.
  • *NEW Now comes standard with 10 direct fit collets and storage tray.
  • *NEW On-Demand Videos
  • SmartWeight Wheel balancing
  • StaightTrak LFM to elimate tire pull on the vehicle.
  • *NEW Live 3D graphics.
  • *NEW Bottom-dead-center laser and wheel light.